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訪問稽古Visit training from Finland




Representative of Finland branch Kommo Pohjosaho visited Hombu at 9th and 10th November.

He is an old member of Niten and 15~16 times to came Japan, and He joined in the European seminer every year.

It was the second day that I joined the keiko, so they have already training of Nito seiho.

IMG_7777 IMG_7786 IMG_7780 IMG_7804




At the end We practicing Bo jutsu. There is no opportunity learn a Bo jutsu because not a lot of time at the International seminer. So I think a good time to learning Bo jutsu in visit training.

IMG_7813 IMG_7817 IMG_7821 IMG_7830 IMG_7839 IMG_7842



Finding a good Bokuto is difficult in Japan, I heard rumors that Kimmo have good Bokuto so I wanted to ask him How did he got!!  I looked very closely, exactly same bokuto with my bokuto. Also a Shape,carving, material. I knew that the made by same person.There is a life limit in the Bokuto, So I wanted the same Bokuto. Unfortunatery the craftsman is aged so he can’t be made more…I make my Bokuto my own from now.


IMG_7854 IMG_7856




While we driving on the way back , We talked about niten thing of the past and Iai he learning. Everytime I feel that They are all more about Japan than Japanese. I’ll learn from them.

The next day, He joined Embu at the Civic center cultural festival.

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Thank you Kimmo! Let’s keiko together again.


前田 典子 Noriko Maeda


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