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訪問稽古 Visitors Training from UK

4月3日より4月9日の7日間、イギリスの辛抱心道場よりEduardo Spadaccino Patrizioさんが訪問稽古に来られました。

For 7days from April 3rd to 9th, Eduardo Spadaccino Patrizio came for a visit keiko from the UK.




On the day when he arrived, He joined in a normal keiko at night. He practiced join in UK with the member of heijoshin Dojo that visited Japan for a few days befor.So everybody know each other.



Kajiya Soke show us a Jissou Enmanno bokuto this day. He looks very glad.





We went to Kokura castle and prayed Yasaka shrine on the day without the keiko and Ohanami under the cherry blossoms in full bloom!!





The keiko of Thursday changed a place from this month, so We did the first Tomino Dojo  keiko .

IMG_5113 IMG_5134




After having prayed at the Usajingu of Oita, We prayed at the grave of the Imai 10dai Soke.

IMG_5160 IMG_5169




We left early in the morning the next day, We went to Reigandou of Kumamoto and took a keiko. Sakura and Tsubaki were very beautiful.

IMG_5198 IMG_5200

IMG_5202 IMG_5208

IMG_5213 IMG_5228

IMG_5253 IMG_5264




We took a keiko in Ganryujima on the last day. We met the tourist who said that He looked at us in News on this day and come to Ganryujima!! And said to us the staff of ship that I saw news!

IMG_5277 IMG_5287

IMG_5306 IMG_5333




When I talk with 15 British members this time, every body talk about TOTO Washlet which our town Kitakyusyu boasts of the World!! A robot seemed to be in toilet!! They impressed when they used Washlet. So We went to TOTO museum for a visit, but We were very fun, too.





Eduardo really loves Japan, and he learns Japanese and culture, the budo hard. He seem to visit Japan with a family next time, I wait to enjoy a day to be able to see you again!


Noriko Maeda

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