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本日の稽古 Today’s keiko (english)

Today’s keiko is closed in Japan during a Obon.

Obon is a cermony to invite that ancestors comehome.

It is believed that a spirit of a dead person comes back.

Turn on a  Chouchin(light) and prepare for cooking and meet them.


So today,

I want to write  a Japanese lecture to be usable in a niten ichiryu scool.

Because you want you to understand the word of the Soke in Japanese in a Houmon keiko and a workshop,after this please learn Japanese little by little.

黙想 (Mokusou)  Meditation,

黙想is different from a 黙祷silent prayer.

お互いに(Otagaini) Each other,

お互いに礼 (Otagaini Rei ) Rei each other

止め (Yame)   Stop

黙想止め (Mokusou Yame)  Stop Meditation


How about? Was it too easy for you?

I will sometime write a Japanese lecture.


Noriko Maeda





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